Atlanta Walk Details

Sat. March 3, 2018
10 a.m. at the Historic Fourth Ward Park (665 North Ave.)
2 mile walk starts at 11 a.m.


You Can Make a Difference

With your help between now and March 3, we can raise awareness and work together to help women and girls escape poverty, receive the food and water they need to be healthy, to have the power to live a life free of violence and to go to school so they can live their lives to their full potential.

We Need Your Help

It’s simple! You can start or join a team and then ask friends and family to save lives by making a donation. Individuals from around the country are creating teams of families and friends to bring more attention and raise money. Anyone anywhere can be a part of Walk In Her Shoes to show solidarity and make an impact.

Plus, on March 3rd at 10 a.m. in Atlanta at the Historic Fourth Ward Park, we will walk 2 miles on the BeltLine to bring greater awareness to women and girls who live in crisis every day around the world.

In Atlanta or around the country, when you participate you are personally making a change in someone’s life.

I want to change someone’s life by REGISTERING TODAY!

End poverty for women and girls in three steps:


Sign up for Walk In Her Shoes


Form a team


Raise vital funds to end poverty


Your fundraising transforms lives, and communities

Through CARE’s work in over 90 countries, they have discovered that women and girls are the key to lifting communities out of poverty. When you fundraise, you open doors to local businesses, health centers, and schools so that women and girls can step through, and create new opportunities for all around them.

Great prizes

For official rules go to No personal donation is necessary to enter.


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