Program Questions

What is CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes?

“CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes is a fundraising program and walking challenge that supports CARE USA’s efforts to bring equal opportunity and human dignity to women and girls.

When you sign up to participate in Walk In Her Shoes, you’ll start a  fundraising page and ask your networks for donations to support the empowerment of women and girls in poverty. While you fundraise, you’ll also learn about the challenging conditions women often face in developing countries.

Finally, show solidarity for the daily journey of women and girls in developing countries.

You can Walk in Her Shoes wherever you are – at work, in your gym, at your child’s school, or in your neighborhood. When you do, you’ll join a movement that’s all across the United States, and beyond.”

Why walk?

In developing countries, women and girls walk long distances as they attend school, fetch water, collect firewood and tend to many other household chores. On average, they walk about 4 miles a day just for water.

While women and girls take this long journey every day, men and boys more often have the opportunity to attend school, develop community relationships and assume leadership positions within their communities. We believe that these opportunities should extend to women and girls, too.

Where does the money go?

Your fundraising will benefit CARE programs that help women and girls break through the barriers that hold them back, expanding access to a quality education, improving health, increasing livelihood opportunities. 

Why women and girls?

Every day, women and girls living in poverty are denied fundamental human rights like education, health care, and freedom – even though they are the key to a better future for their families and communities. Around the world, women work two-thirds of all working hours, earning only 10% of the world’s income. When women cannot contribute to their family’s and community’s economic development, a powerful resource goes untapped. That’s why CARE’s programs are defined by promoting gender equality and empowering women.

Fundraising Questions

How much do I have to fundraise?

There is no required fundraising minimum for CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes, but we recommend setting a $250 fundraising goal to start — because fundraisers with a goal simply raise more money than those without one.

Should I make a donation to myself?

Research shows that a large one-off donation on your fundraising page encourages other people to donate more to you. Making a donation to yourself is a great way to kick-off your tally and inspire others to sponsor you.

Do you have any posters or other promotional materials to help me fundraise?

There are a range of posters and social media images available to download on the Fundraising page of the website.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

All donations are tax-deductible. You will be emailed a receipt, which you can use to claim when you do your tax return.

Can I change my fundraising goal after I’ve joined?

Yes, simply log in to your personal fundraising page and edit your goal.

Can I accept offline donations?

If your supporter can’t make an online donation, log in to your personal fundraising page. When you are logged into the system, you have a menu bar across the top. Click on the “Donations” button and then click “Add Offline Donations” to add an offline donation to your page.

Website Questions

Help! The changes that I’ve made to my team page are not showing up.

Be sure you hit Save Changes after every change you have made. You can also try logging out and closing your browser.

How do I find out the web address to my personal or team page?

In your “Dashboard,” click on “Edit Your Page” to view your URLs.