Fundraising Toolkit

When you fundraise for CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes, you don’t just give a woman a loan or send a girl to school for a year. You provide her with the opportunity to realize her full human rights. That’s an important mission – and that’s why we’ll support your fundraising every step of the way.

Your fundraising toolkit will be your go-to resource for fundraising tools, messages, and examples of how your fundraising contributions can have a big impact.

Social Media Tools

You’ll raise funds for CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes by reaching out to everyone you know – and social media is a great way to spread your message far and wide. Use these sample images to help you fundraise.

Signature Banners

Additional Resources

Where Does My Money Go?

When you reach great fundraising milestones, we want you to know exactly what kinds of projects and initiatives you’ll support. Download this chart today to see how your effort creates impact.


Fundraising Quick Tips

Are you looking for fast, proven fundraising advice? Download this one-sheet today and apply these quick tips to your fundraiser to raise more money for CARE.


Teacher’s Toolkit

Download this comprehensive and interactive educational toolkit for use by teachers, parents, homeschools, students, or even those just wanting to learn a little more about what a Walk In Her Shoes is really like. Includes lessons, activities, case studies, and educational games.


Fundraising Pledge Form

If you collect offline donations, use this pledge form to track the donations.


Team Welcome Guide

Make the most of Walk In Her Shoes by starting or joining a team. This team welcome guide has everything you need to start a team and make your team’s fundraising efforts a success.


Walk In Her Shoes T-Shirt Logos

Want to motivate your team members and add visibility for the cause? Create your own custom team t-shirts by downloading one of these Walk In Her Shoes logos.


Fundraising Tips for Quick Success

1. Make a self-donation

Donate to your own fundraiser to get momentum started. Fundraisers who make a self-donation are proven to raise more than those who don’t.

2. Make urgent asks

Create a sense of urgency with your fundraising by setting a fundraising deadline that’s a few weeks or months away.

3. Use social media

Direct your donors to your fundraising page on social media — by linking directly to your fundraiser, their gift can be just one click away.

4. Follow up

Haven’t heard back from someone you asked for a donation? Reach out again! We’re all busy, and a reminder can help ensure that you don’t lose any opportunities.

5. Pursue matching gifts

Many companies have matching gift programs that will match all or part of a donation to organizations like CARE.