Your fundraising will benefit CARE programs that help women and girls break through the
 barriers that hold them back, expanding access to a quality education, improving health, and 
increasing livelihood opportunities.

Walk In Her Shoes 2018 Fundraising Toolkit

Fundraising Toolkit

When you fundraise for CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes, you don’t just give a woman a loan or send a girl to school for a year. You provide her with the opportunity to realize her full human rights. That’s an important mission – and that’s why we’ll support your fundraising every step of the way.

Your fundraising toolkit will be your go-to resource for fundraising tools, messages, and examples of how your fundraising contributions can have a big impact.

Your Donations at Work

Note: These services and items are representative of what CARE does to support the fight against poverty. To help deliver the most effective solutions to the greatest number of people, your donation will be combined with other funds and used where most needed, not necessarily to purchase or distribute the actual item shown.

$25: Two chickens

Chickens and their daily eggs boost a hungry family’s nutrition and income. Expert CARE trainers help farmers become successful entrepreneurs.

$50: Emergency Hunger Relief

An unprecedented hunger crisis threatens more than 20 million people. Children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition, possibly facing death without immediate help. Donations help meet critical needs through clean water, food assistance, cholera prevention kits and protection for women and girls.

$100: Basic Needs CARE Package

A CARE Package of lifesaving medicine, a share in the village water system and two chickens delivers some of the basic needs a woman in the developing world needs to stay healthy, support herself and take care of her family.

$250: Financial Empowerment for Women

For a woman struggling to feed her family, joining a CARE Village Savings and Loan Association is one fast way to turn her life around. With help from CARE, she will find a supportive community, training, a secure place to save money, and access to small loans for a fresh start for her whole family.

$500: Community Center Garden

After fleeing war and unimaginable terror, traumatized refugees arrive at camps with no resources, craving familiarity.  Seeds, tool and training from CARE can help families work together to grow a community garden for much-needed nourishment, normality and hope.

$1,000: Desks for Community Center

Community centers are vital for refugee camps. Children attend classes in them during the day, and families gather in them at night. A gift of desks and benches will give children a place to do their school work and families a few moments of rest at their time of greatest need.

$2,500: Six Ventilated Girls’ Latrines

Many girls drop out of school once they reach puberty because there are no separate sanitation facilities for girls. A lack of privacy and embarrassment are often what stand between a girl and her education. A block of six ventilated latrines will improve school hygiene and encourage girls to stay in school.

Social Media Tools

You’ll raise funds for CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes by reaching out to everyone you know – and social media is a great way to spread your message far and wide. Use these sample images to help you fundraise.

Signature Banners

Additional Resources

Fundraising Quick Tips

Are you looking for fast, proven fundraising advice? Download this one-sheet today and apply these quick tips to your fundraiser to raise more money for CARE.


Teacher’s Toolkit

Download this comprehensive and interactive educational toolkit for use by teachers, parents, homeschools, students, or even those just wanting to learn a little more about what a Walk In Her Shoes is really like. Includes lessons, activities, case studies, and educational games.


Fundraising Pledge Form

If you collect offline donations, use this pledge form to track the donations.


Team Welcome Guide

Make the most of Walk In Her Shoes by starting or joining a team. This team welcome guide has everything you need to start a team and make your team’s fundraising efforts a success.


Walk In Her Shoes T-Shirt Logos

Want to motivate your team members and add visibility for the cause? Create your own custom team t-shirts by downloading one of these Walk In Her Shoes logos.


Fundraising Tips for Quick Success

1. Make a self-donation

Donate to your own fundraiser to get momentum started. Fundraisers who make a self-donation are proven to raise more than those who don’t.

2. Make urgent asks

Create a sense of urgency with your fundraising by setting a fundraising deadline that’s a few weeks or months away.

3. Use social media

Direct your donors to your fundraising page on social media — by linking directly to your fundraiser, their gift can be just one click away.

4. Follow up

Haven’t heard back from someone you asked for a donation? Reach out again! We’re all busy, and a reminder can help ensure that you don’t lose any opportunities.

5. Pursue matching gifts

Many companies have matching gift programs that will match all or part of a donation to organizations like CARE.