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CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes has engaged some of the country’s largest corporations as sponsors and partners in CARE’s quest to support and empower women and girls in poverty. The financial support and participation of these companies and their employees are helping to create a world in which all women and girls live with dignity and security. Employees from companies of all sizes can have a major impact by participating in Walk In Her Shoes.

Benefits of being a sponsor

Does your company or organization want to be a part of creating a more equitable and just world? When you participate in CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes, you’ll know that your impact is specific and sustainable. Beyond that fantastic benefit, you’ll receive a number of others, including:


Groups of employees can form teams to walk together and compete against one another. This inspires team-work, camaraderie, and a spirit of pride in the workplace. It also encourages co-workers to meet and get to know their peers in other departments.


Walking 10,000 steps a day encourages positive fitness habits with long-lasting benefits. A happier and healthier staff means a happier and healthier business.


Walkers and teams can take their daily step challenge on your campus, in a park, or at their homes. The flexibility of a virtual, national platforms.


When you sponsor the walk, you aren’t just establishing yourself as a social good-minded organization. You’ll be a part of a distinguished group that is on the front lines of an important battle for gender equity and opportunity. This sets you apart – and also sets a high standard for giving back.

Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor?

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